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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Corrine Occhino

Corrine Occhino portrait

Assistant Professor

Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

Research Focus Areas

Signed Languages, Multimodal Language, Phonology, Language Processing, and Language Variation & Change


Ph.D., Dept. of Linguistics – University of New Mexico; 2016
M.A. Foreign Language & Literatures – Linguistics University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee; 2006
B.A., Dept. of Linguistics, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 2004

Professional Societies

International Cognitive Linguistics Association (ICLA)

International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS)

Sign Language Linguistics Society (SLLS)

Board Member: Journal of Sign Language Linguistics

Recent Publications

Occhino, C., Hill J. C., Hochgesang, J. A., Shaw, E., Fisher, J. N., & Tamminga, M. (2021). New Trends in ASL Variation Documentation. Sign Language Studies 21 (3), 350-377. doi:10.1353/sls.2021.0003

Occhino, C., Anible, B., & Morford, J. P. (2020). The role of iconicity, construal, and proficiency in the online processing of handshape. Language and Cognition 12(1), 114-137.