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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

José Benardete

Professor Emeritus


528 Hall of Languages


Research and Teaching Interests

José Benardete's interests range from classical Greek metaphysics to contemporary mathematics. Best known for his book Infinity: An Essay in Metaphysics, he has also published in a wide variety of journals on topics in metaphysics and in the philosophy of mathematics. His most recent book is Metaphysics: The Logical Approach (Oxford University Press, 1989). Professor Benardete has recently passed away.

Selected Publications


Greatness of Soul in Hume, Aristotle and Hobbes

Metaphysics: The Logical Approach (Oxford University Press, 1989)

Infinity: An Essay in Metaphysics (Oxford University Press, 1964)


‘Real Definitions: Quine and Aristotle’ Philosophical Studies 72 (2-3) (1993).

‘Sense-Perception and the A Priori’ Mind 78 (310) (1969), pp. 161-177.

‘Continuity and the Theory of Measurement’ Journal of Philosophy 65 (14) (1968), pp. 411-430.

‘Is There a Problem About Logical Possibility?’ Mind 71 (283) (1962), pp. 342-352.

‘Outness’ Journal of Philosophy 55 (8) (1958), pp. 317-322.

‘The Analytic A Posteriori and the Foundations of Metaphysics’ Journal of Philosophy 55 (12) (1958), pp. 503-514.

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