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André Gallois

André Gallois

André Gallois

Emeritus Professor




André Gallois' obituary.

Research and Teaching Interests

André Gallois' main areas of interest are metaphysics (particularly the metaphysics of time and identity), philosophy of mind and epistemology. He has authored two books: Occasions of Identity on problems about persistence and identity, and The World Without the Mind Within on issues about self-knowledge. In addition, he has published a number of journal articles on a wide range of issues including: Free Agency, Newcomb's Problem, Berkeley, Scepticism, the Cogito, Introspection, Perception and the Philosophy of Time. He has been the recipient of a research grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Board, and has contributed articles on the de re/de dicto distinction and on sense data to the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Selected Publications



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