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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Omanii Abdullah

Photo not available.

Part-Time Instructor

African American Studies

Research and Teaching Interests

Traveling, poetry writing, and conducting workshops throughout the nation in correctional facilities, division for youth centers, high schools, colleges, and hospices--Also the Director of the Hank Gathers' Players (a multi-cultural troupe of traveling college student poets).

Professor Abdullah's courses are available during the summer semesters only at Syracuse University.

Selected Publications

  • with James V. Hatch, An Annotated Bibliography of Black Drama 1823-1977 Bowker Press, 1977
  • I Wanna Be the Kind of Father My Mother Was (Poetry Collection), New Readers Press, 1993.
  • Nobody Eats Fried Chicken Like Black Folks Do (Poetry Collection), Ernestine Durham Press, 1999.
  • This is Gonna Hurt Me a Whole Lot More'n Hurts You (Poetry Collection). Ernestine Durham Press, 2003.