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Brian Young

Brian Young

Brian Young

Courtesy Research Assistant Professor


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Dr.Young is a consultant in bioinformatics and statistics and is Chief Scientist at NicheVision Forensics where he develops software for forensic DNA analysis using NGS data. Dr. Young developed NicheVision’s MixtureAce™ software for analysis of NGS data from mixed human DNA samples and led the development of the SID hash-based nomenclature for curating DNA sequences. He has developed improved methods for identifying sequencing noise, setting limits of detection in NGS methods, and calculating match statistics for sequence-based alleles. Prior to his work at NicheVision, Dr. Young founded Battelle’s Applied Genomics group (in 2010) to conduct research into the application of NGS technology to forensic DNA analysis. While at Battelle, Dr. Young was awarded an Innovation Grant from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) for his work on applying likelihood ratio statistical techniques to the interpretation of Measurements and Signatures Intelligence (MASINT) data.