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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Syracuse Establishes Chapter of Neuroscience Honor Society

New York Delta accepting applications for membership from qualifying students, faculty, alumni

Jan. 30, 2019, by Robert M Enslin

Biology Professor Katharine “Kate” Lewis is the chapter's faculty adviser.
Biology Professor Katharine “Kate” Lewis is the chapter's faculty adviser.

The National Honor Society in Neuroscience, Nu Rho Psi, has awarded a chapter to Syracuse University. Known as New York Delta, the chapter is the fourth of its kind in the state.

Nu Rho Psi is an independent, nonprofit, grass-roots organization consisting of more than 80 chapters and 5,100 members. The invitation-only society encourages professional interest and excellence in neuroscience scholarship.

Faculty advisor Katharine “Kate” Lewis says New York Delta is a testament to the “strength, breadth and depth” of neuroscience-related curricula and research at Syracuse.

“It shows we have a concentration of talented neuroscience faculty and students," says Lewis, professor of biology and director of the Neuroscience Integrated Learning Major (ILM) in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S). "Charter decisions take into account the number of high-achieving students and faculty affiliated with a successful neuroscience research program, the strength and breadth of the [program's] neuroscience curriculum, and the enthusiasm of faculty and students for sustaining a chapter over many years." 

New York Delta currently is accepting applications for membership. The chapter is open to graduate students in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Neuroscience Concentration (I-GNC) and to undergraduates in the Neuroscience ILM. Faculty members and alumni of either program also may apply.

For more information, contact Lewis at A downloadable application form is available at

Upcoming New York Delta events include NightLab: Brainfreeze on Friday, Feb. 1, from 6-8 p.m. at the Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology (MOST), and the chapter’s inaugural induction ceremony, scheduled for later this semester.  


Lewis considers Nu Rho Psi a "springboard for collaboration and networking" among people interested in the brain and nervous system. 

“Chapter members are members for life, once they are elected. Members also are eligible for competitive travel awards, enabling them to participate in regional and national meetings, as well as other opportunities fostering social and intellectual interaction," she says. "Our newly elected officers are planning a variety of brain-awareness activities for chapter members and the public alike."

Chapter officers are all A&S undergraduates: President Gabriela Susana ‘19, Vice President Julia Riley ’20, Secretary Taylor Sorice ’20 and Membership Director Elaine Marji ’20.

The Faculty for Undergraduate Research (FUN) founded Nu Rho Psi in 2006 to develop national and regional networks for the enhancement of undergraduate neuroscience education, research and faculty development.