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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Community Folk Art Center Summer 2012 Exhibition

Works by Beverly McIver and Spencer McClay

July 19, 2012, by Staff Reports

Image of works by Beverly McIver and Spencer McClay
Image of works by Beverly McIver and Spencer McClay
The Community Folk Art Center Gallery will feature works by North Carolina Central University professor and acclaimed artist Beverly McIver and California-based artist and activist Spencer McClay. These two artists offer different and refreshing perspectives that explore the effects of disability on their separate life journeys. Although McIver and McClay cope with disability in different capacities--McIver as a caregiver to her mentally disabled and epileptic sister and McClay as a developmentally disabled weaver--they both create pieces that speak to the varied, personal emotions of their experiences.

The exhibit runs through August 4. CFAC will host a screening of Raising Renee at 8 p.m., Thursday, July 26 at the gallery. A discussion will follow with McIver via Skype.

"The Unexpected Journey: Works by Beverly McIver"
This exhibition includes is a selection of paintings that chronicle McIver's unpredictable and "unexpected" life with her sister, Renee. McIver became Renee's legal guardian when their mother passed away in 2004. Her works often depict their relationship and delves into the emotional and personal aspects of their journey. McIver's work is very emotional and intimate. She allows people into her life-a rare quality among artists-by documenting her personal life.

"How I See the World: Works by Spencer McClay"
This exhibition includes a collection of vibrant hand-woven wall sculptures by an artist with a unique vision and sensibility for the materials he uses. McClay creates striking multi-textured, colorful pieces that are a blend of craft and artistry. He draws inspiration from his upbringing in New Orleans, and often incorporates recycled materials into his works. This will be McClay's debut showing in New York.