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Infrared Echoes of a Black Hole Eating a Star

(Jan. 12, 2023)

A Star’s Unexpected Survival

A team of physicists devise a model that maps a star’s surprising orbit about a supermassive black hole – revealing new information about one of the cosmos’ most extreme environments.

Sophie Cohen sketching a springbok skull

(Jan. 11, 2023)

Through A&S-VPA Collaboration, Syracuse University Students Gain Unique Opportunity to Draw Modern and Ancient Lifeforms

A&S Professor Linda Ivany opens the paleontology lab to College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Professor Susan D’Amato’s ‘Drawing Nature’ class.

Atanu Acharya

(Jan. 4, 2023)

Getting to the 'Point': Powerful Computing Helps Identify Potential New Treatments for Coronaviruses

A&S chemistry professor Atanu Acharya seeks to identify antibodies effective against all coronaviruses and variants.

Casey Schad

(Jan. 3, 2023)

A&S Communications Team Welcomes New Digital and Social Media Specialist

Casey Schad comes to A&S with several years of higher education marketing experience.

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