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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Directed Reading Program

The Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs undergraduate students with graduate mentors for a semester-long reading project.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of the DRP is to broaden participation in mathematics, especially among members of underrepresented groups, by increasing individuals’ self-identity as mathematicians, by providing them with mentors close to their age, and by welcoming them into the broader mathematical family. Secondary objectives of the program are to extend the undergraduate curriculum and to provide mentoring experience to graduate students.


Student mentees are expected to meet with their mentors for one hour each week and spend about four hours prior to each meeting reading and preparing. The precise details of what the undergraduates should do outside of these meetings can be worked out between mentors and mentees, but could include taking notes and preparing questions, working out exercises, or preparing to present a proof on the board at the next meeting. During the second to last week of classes mentees will give a 15 minute presentation on what they learned.


The DRP is organized by a committee of graduate students. The committee’s responsibilities include recruiting participants, pairing mentors and mentees, and providing guidance and mediation as needed. The 2018-2019 committee members are: Casey Necheles (chair), Mkrtich Ohanyan, and Erin Tripp.

For examples of DRP projects, check out