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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Faculty Highlights

Loredana Lanzani

Posted on: Dec. 6, 2019


Loredana Lanzani won a three-year NSF grant Holomorphic Singular Integrals in Several Complex Variables and Applications. Her project brings together methods from different branches of mathematical analysis, such as complex function theory (in one or several complex variables), and harmonic analysis on Euclidean spaces. The overarching goal is to develop mathematical tools that allow to draw information on large and poorly accessible sets of data by collecting samples (smaller data sets) from places that are easier to reach. The research of Professor Lanzani is also funded by Simons Foundation.


Lixin Shen won a three-year NSF grant Sparse Optimization in Large Scale Data Processing: A Multiscale Proximity Approach. 


Graham Leuschke is the PI on the three-year NSF award Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference. His co-PI is Caleb McWhorter, a current graduate student and the president of Mathematics Graduate Organization 2019-2020. The award withh provide participant support to the conference, which presents an opportunity for graduate students in New York State and surrounding regions to come together, share current research, and interact with other graduate students in a similar phase of their academic career.