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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Simultaneous M.S. degrees in Mathematics & Computer Science

With the cooperation of the Mathematics Department and the Computer and Information Science in the College of Engineering, it is possible under existing University rules to complete two Masters degrees, one in Mathematics (MAT) and one in Computer and Information Science (CIS), with 51 credits by completing 10 MAT courses and 7 CIS courses. This popular plan was designed in response to experience that shows holders of both degrees being well prepared for the job market, having greatly enhanced employment and salary prospects. Students electing this option may be eligible for teaching assistantship support from the Mathematics Department for up to two years.

In addition to a solid background in undergraduate mathematics, students embarking on this plan should also possess knowledge of programming in high-level languages and of algorithms and data structures adequate for graduate study in computer science. Those lacking such background may need to take additional preparatory coursework.

A well prepared student can complete both Masters degrees within four semesters plus two summers, although careful planning may be necessary by the student in conjunction with his/her academic advisor. A tentative curriculum would be similar to the following:

Tentative Curriculum

Semester I

  • MAT 601 Fundamentals of Analysis I
  • MAT 631 Introduction to Algebra I
  • CIS 655 Computer Architecture (or)
  • CIS 657 Principles of Operating Systems

Semester II

  • MAT 602 Fundamentals of Analysis II
  • MAT elective
  • CIS 623 Structured Programming & Formal Methods (or)
  • CIS 675 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Summer I

  • MAT 521 Intro to Probability & Statistics
  • Two CIS electives

Semester III

  • Three MAT electives

Semester IV

  • Two MAT electives
  • CIS 623 or 675

Summer II

  • CIS 655 or 675
  • CIS elective

Some restrictions apply regarding the choice of elective courses.