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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Spanish Education Requirements

Teacher Certification

The Spanish Education program currently meets the academic requirements for New York State initial teacher certification to teach Spanish in grades 7-12.

There are additional requirements for both initial and professional certification. The requirements are outlined at

For specific requirements, check the Course Catalog.

Sample Spanish Education Requirements

Note: What follow is only a sample. Please check the Course Catalog for the most up to date, specific requirements. 

Note: Monitoring of completion of degree requirements is a joint effort of the students, the Spanish Education advisor, the Arts and Sciences Advising and Student Support Office, and the School of Education Academic and Student Services Office. Students may need to consult more than one advising source for information.

  1. Completion of a minimum of 123 credits.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 90 Arts and Sciences credits, not including LIN 471 or SPA 403, but including EDU 310.
  3. Completion of the College of Arts and Sciences Liberal Arts core, keeping in mind that some courses may meet more than one requirement at the same time. (This is important for completing requirements efficiently, and for freeing up possible room for Arts and Sciences electives.) The following must be included:
  • One course in mathematics (not including MAT 112)
  • One history course
  • One social science course that isn’t history or psychology
  • One artistic expression A&S course – e.g., history of art or music (HOA, HOM), or AAS course on art or music.
  • Note: these courses may be taken in Spanish abroad, if available.
  1. Completion of the Spanish major: SPA 202 (which assumes 12 credits of prerequisites – more advanced students may substitute a different upper division course for 202), and 24 upper division credits including SPA 301 Approaches to Reading Texts, and at least 12 of these credits at the advanced 400 level.

Spanish majors who are also Spanish Education majors must also include the following in their in the 24 upper division credits:

  • SPA 302 – Advanced Language Usage
  • SPA 321 – Introduction to Spanish Literature
  • SPA 322 – Introduction to Latin American Literature
  • SPA 435 – Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPA 436 – Structure of Spanish
  • SPA 4xx – course specifically on Latin America
  • SPA 4xx – course specifically on Spain
  • SPA 403 - Introduction to Teaching Spanish
  • LIN 421 - Introduction to Teaching Languages
  1. Completion of the professional education sequence listed below.

Professional Education requirements:

a) EDU 204 Principles of Learning in Inclusive Classrooms - May be taken as early as second semester freshman year. Unless not possible because of transfer, should be taken no later than the sophomore year. Offered both semesters. Half-day field experience (total of at least 25 hours) is required, primarily observational and tutoring.

b) EDU 304 Study of Teaching - Should be taken after EDU 204 (unless a late transfer who has to take EDU 204 and 304 concurrently in the fall prior to the Candidacy semester). Encouraged for the sophomore year, but no later than the fall of the junior year (semester prior to Candidacy semester). Offered both semesters. Half-day field experience (total of at least 25 hours) is required, primarily observational.

c) EDU 310 American School - May be taken as early as the sophomore year. Does not need to be taken before student teaching. Offered both semesters.

d) WRT 205 (see Liberal Arts Core section).

e) RED 326 Literacy Across the Curriculum - Will be taken in the sophomore year or first semester junior year. Includes at least 25 hours of literacy tutoring and observation.

f) Successfully completing workshop(s)/course(s) on identifying and reporting child abuse; drugs, alcohol and tobacco; first safety; and other issues teachers may face, and training related to the Dignity for All Students Act, before the candidacy student teaching semester.

g) Candidacy student teaching semester (spring only).


  • Student teaching application filed (See advisor. Turn in completed application to the Field Placement Office, 172 Huntington Hall, no later than the end of the previous spring semester.)
  • 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA.
  • 3.0 minimum education (required courses) GPA, and completion of at least EDU 204, EDU 304, and RED 326.
  • 3.0 minimum content GPA (all SPA courses).
  • Completion of a sufficient number of Spanish credits determined by faculty review.
  • Spanish proficiency test with a result of advanced-mid or higher on the ACTFL proficiency scale.
  • Successful review of all appropriate student assessment proficiencies and dispositions (see other documents for details).
  • Successful review of the entrance portfolio.


LIN 421 Introduction to Methodology of Teaching Languages (3)

SPE 412 Adapting Instruction for Diverse Student Needs (3)

EDU 508 Student Teaching/Candidacy/Spanish (including SU’s spring break) (3)

h) Standard Student Teaching Semester (fall only) EDU 508 Student Teaching (9 credits)


  • Successful completion of the Candidacy Student Teaching semester, including successful review of all appropriate student assessment proficiencies and dispositions.
  • 3.0 cumulative average and averages in both Spanish courses and required education courses.
  • Completion of a sufficient number of Spanish credits, determined by faculty review.
  • Successful portfolio review.


EDU 508 Student Teaching/Spanish (9)

SPA 403 Advanced Methods for teaching Spanish (3)

Students should plan to take only the above 12 credits in this semester, to be able to give more full attention to student teaching. The student teaching placement is for the full school day, for a minimum of 10-11 weeks. Students follow the teacher (not student) schedule for arrival and departure. Toward the end of this experience, students must also successfully present an exit portfolio.

Please note: Although there is no teacher certification to teach Spanish in the elementary grades, those interested in Spanish and in teaching all subjects within grades 1-6 might consider the School of Education’s Inclusive Elementary and Special Education program, selecting a Spanish major as their liberal arts area. For more information, please see the following link: