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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Ceremony

Every April LLL gets together to close the academic year celebrating the excellent work of our members during the year. This ceremony is referred to as the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Ceremony in honor of Gerlinde Ulm Sanford, one of the beloved members of our department who served her last days as the Chair of our department.

During the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Ceremony, LLL members receive the most prestigious awards in LLL: the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award for Loyalty, Dedication, and Valuable Contribution to the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics. The award winner/s are nominated by LLL colleagues and receive/s $5000. The Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics is truly grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Harold Jones for their tremendous generosity to the LLL Department.

In addition, students are awarded with the 2021 Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Student Award and awards for outstanding achievements.

2021 Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Awards

  • 2021 Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Staff/Faculty Award: Mona Eikel-Pohen
  • 2021 Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Overall Student Award: Cadence Christian
  • 2021 Gerlinde Ulm Sanford German Student Award: Olga Shydlonok and Laura Bueno

Outstanding Achievement in LLL Programs

  • Classical Civilization – Lindsey Dierig
  • French – Isobel Getchell
  • German – Julia Cleo Fisher
  • Italian – Edoardo Passalacqua
  • Linguistic Studies – Jenna Burgess
  • Modern Foreign Language – Brianna Zimmermann
  • Russian – Bronwyn Michaela Galloway
  • Spanish – Sophia R Carbone and Simran Vinod Mirchandani

Outstanding M.A. Students

  • French – Jean Ederson Jean-Pierre
  • Linguistics – Xuan Wang
  • Spanish – Nikita Duling

Graduate School Outstanding T.A. Awards

  • Jean Ederson Jean-Pierre (French)
  • Nikita Duling (Spanish)

2021 LLL Collaborative Research Award

  • A. Leone (PI) & A. Green & A. Brown (Co-PIs) ‘Translingualism Outside Language Courses’
    • [The project will examine the implications of offering students varied opportunities to use languages other than English in combination with English during humanities-centered classes at Syracuse University.]

2021 LLL Innovative Teaching Initiative Award

  • D. Samburskiy (PI) & K. Clinton (Co-PI) ‘Strive for Autonomy: Using speech recognition to enhance students’ pronunciation skills’
    • [Instructional project seeking the inclusion of instructional techniques in the teaching of pronunciation skills that would use automated speech recognition (ASR) technology.]

Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award Endowment

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics gives special thanks to Harold Jones for creating the Gerlinde Ulm Sanford Award Endowment, which significantly increases the monetary value of the award and ensures its continuation. We are truly grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Harold Jones for their tremendous generosity to the LLL Department.