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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

ETS Opportunities

Study Abroad


Photo of Lulworth Cove in Dorset submitted by ETS major Grace Crummett.

The department strongly encourages ETS majors to study abroad for a semester, particularly at the University's London campus, which regularly offers a variety of ETS courses in everything from Shakespeare to Victorian novels to contemporary British cinema. For information on programs abroad and on courses available in the London program, consult the SU Abroad office.

If you plan to study abroad, be sure to consider in advance how the curriculum will affect your completion of requirements for the Liberal Arts Core and for your ETS major or minor. You should also follow carefully the instructions for registering from abroad for the courses you will need in the semester when you return to Syracuse.

Short-Term Study Abroad

Students who are unable to commit to an entire semester abroad may wish to consider some of the short-term study abroad options offered in ETS. The department regularly offers courses with a travel component over Spring Break, as well as six-week summer session courses taught abroad. Interest meetings will be held in October and January for short-term study abroad courses. More information and applications are available through SU Abroad.


The English department has developed partnerships with Syracuse University Press and Salt Hill Literary Journal to place interns at these institutions. Available intern positions and application procedures will be advertised to ETS majors during the fall semester.

Career Panels


The English department hosts an annual career panel to help you think about career and graduate school options. Past panels have included “What Can I Do with an English Major?” and “ETS Goes to Law School.” For more about careers with an ETS major, visit our Careers page.

Scholarships and Awards

Each spring the English Department names an outstanding junior ETS major as the winner of the Joan Garfinkel Memorial Scholarship. It also nominates one or more students for the Newell W. Rossman, Jr., Scholarships in the Humanities, which are awarded through an annual competition sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences. The Margaret Y. Cragg Prize is awarded to the major with the highest grade point average in ETS courses at the end of the junior year. There are three prizes for graduating senior majors: the Jean Marie Richards Memorial Award for excellence in English, the Anthony J. Pietrafesa Prize for the highest average in ETS courses, and the Lauretta H. McCaffrey Prize for a female student with a high grade point average in ETS. The department also holds annual contests in the writing of fiction, poetry, and critical essays.

ETS Undergraduate Conference

The annual ETS Undergraduate Conference is held every spring. The schedule features a variety of presentations, including critical essays, poetry, and short fiction written for ETS courses. Majors and non-majors alike are invited to submit their work for inclusion on a panel.