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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Samuel Santiago

Samuel Santiago portrait

Graduate Student

Ph.D. Student and McNair Fellow



400 Hall of Languages


  • Degree: Began PhD program in 2020
  • Concentration: Film and Screen Studies (Game Studies)
  • Advisor: Dorri Beam

Sam’s interest in the interactivity of game narratives aligns with his background in Early Modern English literature. He often investigates the nature of adaptation, with a particular fascination for when aspects of canonical literature re-enter the mainstream in the form of video games. His intrigue with the modernization of classic narratives extends to an intrigue of how electronic media influences storytelling overall. Apart from Sam’s secondary interests in Asian history and film criticism, his specific subjects of study generally consider the public influence of religious institutions and how belief informs social understandings of morality and punishment, especially in regard to the concept of Hell, a space which appears quite frequently in games.

  • B.A. English, Penn State Abington
  • Minors in writing and Asian studies, Penn State Abington
  • Website: