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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Ashley O'Mara

Graduate Student

PhD Candidate and University Fellow



437 Hall of Languages


  • Degree: Began PhD program in 2014
  • Concentration: British Literature (Early Modern)
  • Advisor: Dympna Callaghan

Ashley O’Mara entered the PhD program in 2014. They study literary representations of celibacy after the English Reformation, giving special attention to how Catholicism’s institutional celibacy shaped anti-Catholic discourses at the same time that it afforded a space for non-normative asexual pleasures. Their research is informed by recent developments in feminism, asexuality, and queer studies. They were a 2016–2017 HASTAC scholar and a curator and contributor with Six Degrees of Francis Bacon, specializing in Jesuit missionary networks. In the past they have taught a sophomore composition class on gender and the politics of world religions; ETS 113: British Literature, Beginnings to 1789; ETS 182: Race and Literary Texts; and ETS 192: Gender and Literary Texts. They have also appeared as a contestant on Jeopardy!

  • MA English, Syracuse University
  • BA English, Le Moyne College