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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Debra Kue

Debra Kue portrait

Graduate Student (ENG) T.A.

PhD Student and Teaching Assistant



401 Hall of Languages


  • Degree: Began PhD program in Fall 2021
  • Concentration: 19th Century American Literature
  • Advisor: Chris Forster

Debra Kue is a Ph.D. student in English specializing in 19th Century American Literature, with a focus on Emily Dickinson and Transcendentalism. Her research and teaching interests seeks to bridge a conversation between !9th Century American Literature, Transcendentalism and its philosophies about identity with the 21st Century first-generation Hmong-American experience, and particularly focuses on the medium of writing as an extension of establishing existence. Debra's interests also includes the intersectionality of subjectivity, transnationalism, gender, sexuality, and multiculturalism.

• B.A. English, Grand Valley State University
• M.A. English, Grand Valley State University