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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Rhyse Curtis

Graduate Student

PhD Student and Teaching Associate



437 Hall of Languages


Rhyse Curtis

  • Degree: Began PhD program in 2016
  • Concentration: Film and Screen Studies
  • Advisor: Roger Hallas

Rhyse is a PhD student in the film and screen studies track within the English program. Their current research involves 20th and 21st century films, with a particular focus on American horror films. Within horror studies, they concentrate on the intersecting theories of monstrosity, trauma, and gender. Currently, they are investigating the ways in which the figure of the monster serves as a site for witnessing to traumatic experiences otherwise repressed by hegemonic norms. This investigation includes analyzing the use of monstrosity in the Post-WWI period as a locus of representation for mutilated male bodies, and how these bodies might provide a site of exploration within popular culture for shifting norms surrounding masculinity and heroism in the aftermath of mechanized warfare. Rhyse teaches introductory courses in film, literature, and popular culture.

  • MA English, University of Toledo
  • BA English, University of Toledo