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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences


As soon as you develop an interest in possibly majoring in Earth Sciences, let us provide you with an advisor. That advisor can not only help you with Arts and Sciences Core Requirements, as did your original "freshman" advisor, but can also help design a program to meet your goals as a major in our Department. If you intend to minor in Earth Sciences, your primary advisor will probably be in another department, but be sure to consult us concerning our side of your program.

We are a very "open" department, and you should feel free to seek advice from any of us at any time! However, our "official" assignment is:

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Robert Moucha, 208a Heroy Geology Laboratory,, 443-6239

Four Year Plan Templates

In an effort to help you schedule your courses in compliance with the program requirements of the various Earth Sciences degrees, we have developed the following four year plans that are meant to be a guide that can be adjusted as needed.  Each are Excel spreadsheets:

Four-Year Plan for a Bachelor of Science

Four-Year Plan for a Bachelor of Science with a Focus in Environmental Science

Four-Year Plan for a Bachelor of Arts

Each semester, you will meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies or Academic Coordinator to review your transcripts and proposed course selections to ensure your steady progress toward your anticipated degree program.  Once this advising meeting occurs, your advising hold will be lifted and you will be able to register for classes for the next semester. 

Petition for a B.S.

Students are automatically enrolled for a Bachelor of Arts degree program when they declare the major.  It is necessary for the student to petition to receive the Bachelor of Science degree.  The completed petition and a copy of your transcript from myslice must be forwarded to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Academic Coordinator in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.  The petition will be reviewed and approved if all the degree requirements are planned for or met.  An ideal time to accomplish this milestone is during academic advising prior to registration for courses.

Other Documents and Forms

The following forms are available through the Office of the Registrar:

  • Declaring a Major
  • Declaring a Minor
  • Petition to the Faculty
  • Proposal for Independent Study