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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Convocation 2021

Posted on: May 21, 2021

Dear Graduates,

On behalf of the entire Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, I want to congratulate you on your accomplishments. In the past year you faced unprecedented obstacles in the pursuit of your studies, but you not only overcame them, you excelled! Thanks to the generosity of friends and alumni, we are able to make awards that recognize outstanding performances of both graduate and undergraduate students. These efforts contribute to the reputation of the Department and make your degree all the more special. We wish those who are leaving us after graduation the best of luck and success as you pursue your careers and your dreams. You will always have a home here in the Heroy Geology Laboratory.


Jeffrey A. Karson

Graduating Students:

Bachelor of Arts

  • Rebecca Eaton
  • Samuel Heckel
  • Matt Juliana
  • Olivia Mulloy
  • Kevin Nusdeo
  • Richard Sprancmanis

Bachelor of Science

  • Casey Santos

Master of Science

  • Micah Wiesner


  • Kyle Makovsky

Department Awards:

Thomas Cramer Hopkins Scholarship

In recognition of an outstanding junior or senior major.

  • Alex Macknight

Estwing Awards:

In recognition of the Department’s most outstanding undergraduate students.

  • Bella Duati
  • Martin Fernandez
  • Xinyang Jiang
  • Richard Sprancmanis

Newton E. Chute Award

In recognition of an outstanding graduate student on the basis of scholarship, service to the department and professional promise.

  • Nicolas Perez Consuegra

Marjorie Hooker Award

In recognition of an outstanding thesis or dissertation proposal.

  • Ruliang He

Dan F. Merriam Endowed Scholarship

In recognition of academic achievement, extra-curricular contributions, and professional promise.

  • Glenn Thompson

Vincent E. McKelvey Scholarship

on the basis of academic ability for undergraduate or graduate student(s).

  • Jeffrey Wade

K. Douglas Nelson Award

In recognition of outstanding graduate research in field-oriented tectonics and geophysics.

  • Jacob Rosenthal

Chair’s Award

In recognition of outstanding service to the Department.

  • April Allen Langhans
  • Briana Edgerton
  • Eliza Hurst
  • Zachary Osborne

Publication Awards

for outstanding publication(s) on which the student appears as the first author.

  • Ruta Basijokaite
  • Nicolas Perez Consuegra
  • Shibajyoti Das
  • Ruliang He
  • Shaidu Shaban
  • JR Slosson
  • Lachlan Wright

In addition to our Department Awards, we’d like to congratulate our students who were given the following awards:

Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, the Graduate School

  • Glenn Thompson

All University Doctoral Price, College of Arts & Sciences

  • Kyle Makovsky