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K.D. Nelson Lecture Series

Doug Nelson in the himalaya's

Our weekly colloquium, the K. Douglas Nelson Lecture Series, features scientific talks by outstanding invited investigators from all over the world. The talks are generally one hour in length at 4:00 PM Thursday afternoons, followed by a reception. The lecture series is named for a beloved former faculty member and department chair, K. Douglas Nelson, who passed away in 2002.


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There are no events in this category right now, but please check the University calendar for many other options.

Fall 2019 Schedule:

August 29 - Alejandro Flores - Boise State University - Modeling Integrated Hydro-Terrestrial Environments at Human-Relevant Scales with High Fidelity

September 05 - Cristo Ramirez – Syracuse University - Crustal Structure of West Antarctica Inferred from Receiver Functions

September 12 - Donna Shillington - Lamount Doherty Earth Observatory

October 03 - Jessica Creveling, Donath Medalist for 2019 - Oregon State University - A Library of Early Cambrian Chemostratigraphic Correlations from a Reproducible Algorithm

October 10 - Brian Huber - National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution - The Rise and Fall of the Hot Cretaceous Greenhouse Climate

October 17 - Willian Ausich - The Ohio State University - Biosphere Collapse and Recovery -- Lessons from the Fossil Record

October 24 - Tamara Carley  - Layfayette College - Investigating Proto-Continental Crust Construction Using Very Young (Icelandic) and Very Old (Hadean) Zircon

October 31 - Jonathan Lees - University of North Carolina - Infrasonic (Bal)Looney Tunes: Ocean-Atmosphere Collusion in the Heavens

November 7 - Rowan Martindale - University of Texas - Extinctions, Anoxic Events, and Life in the Oceans During the Early Jurassic

November 14 - Tolulope Olugboli - University of Rochester - The Softness in Earth’s Stiffest Rocks from Probabilistic Earth Imaging with Ground Vibrations

November 21 - Kenneth Ridgway - Purdue University

November 28 - Happy Thanksgiving - No Lecture

December 05 - Jaroslaw Majka – Uppsala University

Spring 2019 Schedule:

January 17 - Michael Manga - University of California at Berkeley; Earthquakes and Water (and why the Lusi Eruption was not caused by an Earthquake)

January 24 - Christopher McRoberts - State University of New York (SUNY) Cortland; The end-Triassic Mass Extinction: Disaster Species and the Collapse and Recovery of Marine Ecosystems

January 29 - Manfred Strecker - University of Potsdam; GSA Distinguished International Lecturer Tectonics and Climate of the Southern Central Andes  (TUESDAY, HGL rm 102)

February 14 - Christopher Spencer - Institute of Geoscience Research, Curtin University; Kickstarting the Modern Era: Cascading State Shifts in the Paleoproterozoic Biosphere, Atmosphere, and Lithosphere

February 21 - Larisa DeSantis - Vanderbilt University; Paleontological Society Distinguished Lecturer Causes and Consequences of Late Pleistocene Megafaunal Extinctions

February 28 - Jane Gilotti - University of Iowa; High-Pressure and Ultrahigh-Pressure Metamorphism in NE Greenland: the Critical Role of the UPPER Plate in the Caledonian Orogen

March 7 - Sarah Feakins - University of Southern California; International Ocean Discovery Distinguished Lecturer Climate Change and Ecosystem Transformation: Plant Wax Evidence from Indian Ocean Drilling

March 21 - HOLMES LECTURE  - (7 PM, Heroy Geology Auditorium) Roberta Rudnick  –  University of California Santa Barbara;  Earth's Unique Continents

March 28 - Natalie Burls - George Mason University; Contrasting the Hydrological Cycle in Past and Future Warm Climates - with implications for Ocean Overturning Circulation

April 4 - Justin Gillis - (New York Times Science Writer)

April 18 - Miki Nakajima - University of Rochester; Origin of the Earth, Moon and Martian Moons

April 25 - Suzanne Baldwin - Syracuse University; The (U)HP terrane of southeastern Papua New Guinea: a modern analogue for (U)HP terranes globally

Fall 2018 Schedule:

August 30—Chris Junium

September 6— Miriam Reiss (Yale)  "Seismic anisotropy: how to decipher the earth's interior with shear-wave splitting".

September 20—D. Boutt (UMass-Amherst) Water and Lithum - The nexus of hydrogeosciences and green energy in the transition from fossil fuels

September 27—Will Nachlas Pressures, Temperatures, and Timescales of Ductility in Continental Shear Zones

October 11—James Witts from the American Museum of Natural History “The life and times of ammonoid cephalopods: evolution, ecology, and extinction in the Late Cretaceous”

October 18—Margaret Zimmer (University of California, Santa Cruz) "More soil, less storage: The influence of soil characteristics on water storage and runoff generation"

October 25—M. Hayashi (University of Calgary) “Alpine hydrogeology: The critical role of groundwater in sourcing the headwaters of the world”

November 1—Steven Kidder (City College New York) Microstructural and Trace Element Constraints on Stress, Temperature and Rheology of the Middle Crust

November 15— James Muirhead Continental Rifting Impacted by Magmatism

November 29—Stephen Mojzsis (University of Colorado, Boulder) Onset of giant planet migration at ca. 4480 Myr ago

December 6—Dr. Leigh Raymond from Purdue University/Fulbright Scholar at University of Ottawa Reclaiming the Atmospheric Commons: Carbon Pricing in the U.S. and Canada

Spring 2018 Schedule:

February 22—Andrew Smye (Penn State University) “Mineral Scale Constraints on the Geodynamics of Continental Extension”

March 8—Benjamin Black (The City College of New York) "Resolving the Flood Basalt Carbon Quandary"

March 22—Dianne Moore (USGS) "The role of serpentinite in promoting creep in the San Andreas Fault System of central and northern California"

March 29—Morgan Schaller (rensselaer polytechnic institute) "Soil carbonate-hosted fluid inclusions: New constraints on the major gas composition of the ancient atmosphere"

April 5—Robert Darling (SUNY Cortland)  “Cristobalite, Stretched Quartz, and Melt Inclusions in Adirondack Garnet.” 

April 12—Greg Henkes (Stony Brook) “The temperature and oxygen isotope evolution of Phanerozoic seawater from carbonate clumped isotopes”

April 19—Holmes Lecture - Timothy Lyons (University of California – Riverside) "Are We Alone? — How Earth's Past Guides the Search for Alien Life"

April 26—Estéban Gazel (Cornell University) "The hottest lavas of the Phanerozoic and the survival of deep Earth reservoirs"

Fall 2017 KD Nelson Lecture Series

9/14 Peter LaFemina (Penn State) Up, Up and Away: Interactions Between Magmatism, Tectonics and Climate in Iceland

9/21 Martin Wong (Colgate University) Are continuous thermal histories derived from MDD modeling of 40Ar/39Ar K-feldspar data reliable? Field tests from the U.S. Basin and Range

9/28 Robert Feranec (New York State Museum) Sabertooth Cats! Analyzing development and diet in extinct species

10/05 Bruce Watson (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) Biosignatures in the metamorphic residue of life? 

10/12 Elizabeth Watson (Drexel University) Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Wetlands in the U.S. Northeast

10/19 Rachel Valletta (University of Pennsylvania) 10Be/9Be ratios reflect East Antarctic Ice Sheet mass changes: a record offshore the Wilkes Subglacial Basin

11/02 Chris Hamilton (University of Arizona) Planetary Volcanism: Flood Lava Eruptions on Earth and Mars

11/09 Edwin Harvey (U.S National Park Service Water Resources Division, Fort Collins, CO)

11/16 Mauricio Ibanez (University of Rochester) Active crustal foundering in the Northern Volcanic Zone of the Andean Arc

11/30 Will Amidon (Middlebury College) Post-rift rejuvenation of the northeastern U.S. during the late Cretaceous and Miocene

12/07 Jeff Pietras (Binghamton University) Sr and Os Isotopes in Lacustrine Mudstones: Chemostratigraphy, Geochronometry, & Lake Water Provenance: Examples from the Green River Formation