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Apply: M.S.-SLP and Au.D.

Syracuse University M.S. in Speech Language Pathology and Au.D. Application Procedures

Watch the recordings of our recent information sessions for our Speech Language Pathology and Audiology programs. Also below is a testimonial video from current and recently graduated SLP and AuD students.
Speech Language Pathology, November 3, 2021
Audiology, November 9, 2021
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  1. Submit your application to CSDCAS Centralized Application Service
    Application cycle for Fall 2023 is now open. The final application deadline for the SLP Master's program and the Doctor of Audiology program is February 1, 2023.
    • CSDCAS Application Form and fee and supporting materials listed below:
    • Official Transcripts (send these EARLY! You will need to do "academic update" for Fall grades. See notes below.)
      Send to:
      P.O. Box 9113
      Watertown, MA 02471
    • Personal Statement/Essay - Custom essay listed below.
    • GREs are optional for the MS SLP and the AuD programs. In general, GRE scores will only be viewed favorably by the Admissions Committee; strong GRE scores may increase an applicant’s ranking for admission and for funding, but low GRE scores will not be used as a basis to deny admission or funding. Students who do not report GRE scores will not be denied admission or funding solely on the basis of a lack of GRE score. Note that admitted AuD students who later apply for the dual AuD/PhD program WILL be required to submit GRE scores (as will all PhD applicants in SLP or Audiology). If you are strongly interested in the AuD/PhD option you may wish to submit GRE scores at the time of applying for the AuD program, or you will be required to take and submit scores before being considered for the AuD/PhD program later (see the Dual AuD/PhD program description). GRE scores must be within the past 5 years.
    • 3 letters of recommendation
      (All supporting materials are sent to CSDCAS only)
      The priority graduate application deadline is January 1. Primary review and consideration of applications will occur by this date. Therefore, to have priority consideration, you should submit by this deadline. However, we will consider applications that are completed in CSDCAS through February 1. Potential for admittance if submitting after the priority deadline will depend on numbers of prior applications and potential spots remaining by the secondary deadline time point.
  2. International Student application
    • International (non-Canadian) students must submit your TOEFL score to CSDCAS (code C122)
  3. Degree bearing transcript
    • Degree bearing transcript must be sent to Syracuse University once our admission offer is accepted. (CSDCAS will not share the transcript that you send to them.) Make sure degree is posted before ordering transcript. Send to:
      CSD Department
      Syracuse University
      621 Skytop Road, Suite 1200
      Syracuse, NY 13244-5290
  4. Financial Assistance
    • All applicants are considered for departmental awards including tuition scholarships and graduate assistantships. No separate application is needed. Awards are determined by application merit as compared with the cohort.

Detailed information on application procedures above:


You must submit an official transcript from each undergraduate institution you attended to CSDCAS. All the transcripts have to be received by January 1 for priority consideration.** GPA is calculated based on your entire undergraduate record from all institutions attended. If you do not submit all of your official transcripts, we will be unable to review your application. The transcript from your current undergraduate institution must show your fall semester grades. You must submit all of your transcripts to CSDCAS. You send only your degree bearing transcript to SU once the degree is posted. Transcripts must be sent directly from the undergraduate institutions.
** CSDCAS has an “academic update” feature for getting your fall grades to us for consideration in your GPA, so you may order your transcripts before Fall grades are in, to make the January 1 priority deadline. For complete instructions go to the “Instructions & FAQ” in CSDCAS, look for heading “after processing” and choose: “Updating the Application/ Academic Update.”

Personal Statement/Essay

Your answers to the following essay questions will be a significant part of our holistic review of your application. Your responses should demonstrate your growth and potential beyond grades and test scores. Your responses should demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to graduate study and your chosen career pathway, evidence of your leadership, community, and cultural engagement, ability to think critically and apply your experience and knowledge, and realistic self-appraisal and achievement of goals. Your essays will also be judged as evidence of your written communication skills.

Syracuse University program essay prompt

The document that you will upload as your “Personal Essay” should address each of the three short answer questions below in 1-2 paragraphs per question. Make sure to include ALL of the following specified components while adhering to the specified word limits per question.

  1. Discuss a specific research finding from peer-reviewed research that you learned about in any academic area that you believe is important to the field of speech-language pathology/audiology. Explain why this finding is important to the field, and cite and provide the reference (APA style) for at least one peer-reviewed research article. (200-300 word limit)
  2. Describe one strength that enhances your academic or clinical skills, and one weakness that you are aware of that has impacted your academic or clinical skills. How did you become aware of your strength and weakness? How are you addressing your identified weakness? (200-300 word limit)
  3. Describe two volunteer or student activities that you have engaged in, highlighting any leadership roles, community contributions, or evidence of cultural humility. State a specific skill have you acquired during each experience and how you intend to directly apply the skills to your future career. (200-300 word limit)

For question #4, only respond if applicable

  1. Write a separate paragraph of 200-300 words (in the same document) discussing the following situations if applicable:
    1. If there were semesters or courses during your undergraduate career when your GPA was low and/or if your transcript includes withdrawals, incompletes or course repeats, what were the circumstances? What did you do to address the issues described? How do you believe these grades and circumstances reflect on your ability to succeed in graduate school?
    2. If you are a re-applicant to graduate programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, or if you have taken a year or more off after graduating, please discuss your circumstances and what you have done (including educational or work/volunteer experiences you have pursued) to improve your application and preparation for graduate study as well as to show your commitment to a career in speech-language pathology.