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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies

three portrait painting from museum in the Netherlands

General Information

Medieval and Renaissance Studies explores the birth of our own familiar world while introducing students to an often alien and mysterious past. Students will embark an intellectual adventure through coursework that focuses on the Post-Roman world, the medieval church, the crusades, medieval and early modern sexualities, life and death in the Middle Ages, lives of medieval saints, monastic life, the advent of science, the voyages of discovery, the birth of democracy, the writings of the great poets from Dante to Shakespeare, the monumental achievements of artists such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt, the birth of print culture and censorship, the Reformation, the beginnings of capitalism and consumerism, as well as the power of city states.

Students will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons by taking classes on African, Asian, Middle Eastern or Early American History, Culture, Philosophy, Art and Religions covering the period between the fourth and the seventeenth century.

The minor is open to all undergraduates university-wide.

Total Credits Needed: 18 credits

Romano Prize

Each year the Romano Prize is given to one exceptional student in the Medieval and Renaissance Studies program.

Past Winners:

2018: Not awarded
2017: Lily Sarkisian
2016: Kendra Morris


Program Faculty