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Dual Au.D. / Ph.D. Program in Audiology

Syracuse University also offers a combined Au.D./Ph.D. degree program for those students interested in receiving both a professional doctoral degree (Au.D.) and a research doctoral degree (Ph.D.).

The Au.D./Ph.D. is a 110 credit program, which allows students to pursue both their clinical training and their research training in a rigorous, intensive and streamlined program. All students must be accepted into the Au.D. program, and application to the dual AuD/PhD program is made after successful completion of the first year of the Au.D. program. Each student in the AuD/PhD program must have a faculty research sponsor, and this sponsorship must be agreed upon prior to the time of enrollment in the dual program. Students must pass a prequalifying exam at the end of their first year in the Au.D./Ph.D. program, and qualifying exams at the end of their coursework. The academic and research experiences lead to the dissertation, which is typically begun in the fourth year of study. It is anticipated that the dual degree can be completed in 6 years of full-time study.