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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Humanities Council

Why Humanities?

The Humanities Council is the central hub of all Humanities departments and Interdisciplinary programs in the College. We work with the Humanities Center, the CNY Humanities corridor and the libraries to assure a robust and dynamic presence on campus.

The study of the Humanities encourages interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge, problem solving, communal life, research techniques and classroom dynamics.

Success in life demands not only mastering the technical knowledge of a profession, but also acquiring the good judgment and wisdom to choose one's paths carefully, the capacity to relate sensitively and effectively to others, and the ability to respond imaginatively to the complex personal and professional situations we confront everyday.

Our faculty in the humanities are known for their internationally recognized research and for creating opportunities for intellectual exchange. Beyond the classroom setting, lectures, symposia, and other campus-wide events sponsored by the Humanities Council and departments and programs link the Humanities to other aspects of university and community life.