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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Brand Guidelines and Lockups

Brand Guidelines

Whenever possible, Syracuse University's brand guidelines should be followed, including the visual identity and tone words.


Never create a new logo or acronym; instead, use the appropriate logo or lockup for the department, program, or unit. These lockups have been created specifically for each department. Note: to ensure colors appear as intended, the CMYK version should be used for all printed materials, and the RGB version for anything appearing on a screen.

Are we missing a lockup? Let us know.

The College

  • College of Arts & Sciences: cmyk, rgb


Academic programs


  • Advising and Career Services: cmyk, rgb
  • Computer Services Group: cmyk, rgb
  • Dean Karin Ruhlandt: cmyk, rgb
  • Dean's Team: cmyk, rgb
  • Health Professions Advising: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of Admissions: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of Advancement: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of Communications: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Programs: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of the Dean: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of the Senior Associate Dean: cmyk, rgb
  • Pre-Law Advising: cmyk, rgb
  • La Casita: cmyk, rgb
  • The Writing Center: cmyk, rgb
  • Office of Cultural Engagement for the Hispanic Community: cmyk, rgb