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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences


The A&S Communications team is strategically focused on work that advances the College as a whole. We support the work of individual College departments through guidance, recommendations, self-serve resources and referrals.

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Open Office Hours

Have questions about social media basics, web strategy, the University events calendar or communications resources? The Office of Communications holds open office hours in 307 Tolley. Stop by during these dedicated hours to get your questions answered.

We look forward to setting new dates when we return to campus in the fall. If you have any questions or requests for our team, please fill out our contact form.

Brand Guidelines and Lockups

Whenever possible, Syracuse University's brand guidelines should be followed and lockups used. To avoid confusion within our community, never create a new logo or acronym; instead, use the appropriate logo or lockup for the department, program, or unit. These lockups have been created specifically for each department.


Use the following templates for Power Point presentations, brochures, booklets (such as for course descriptions), or event flyers (e.g, 8.5 x 11" color printout advertising a special departmental event).

Note that while these templates encourage best practices and accessibility, it is the department's responsibility to perform a final check. See the accessibility section for information on checking document accessibility.

Social Media Resources

Having a social media presence is crucial if you want to stay visible to current students, prospective students and their parents, alumni, faculty, staff and friends. Platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. All of these are great for sharing brief, timely updates and engaging with followers.

Interested in running social media for your department? Check out our social media guide.

Catch the latest posts, photos, news, and much more by following A&S on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Photo Services

The Office of Communications maintains departments’ web pages, including the staff listings. For that reason, new faculty and staff should schedule a portrait sitting with SU Photo and Imaging by either emailing or calling 315.443.3711. The studio is now located at the Nancy Cantor Warehouse in downtown Syracuse. Please bring your SU ID with you. Let them know you are with the College of Arts and Sciences, and have them cc: Mike Cheatham ( when they send your final portrait image.

Accessibility Resources

Accessibility standards ensure that everyone can effectively use the materials we make available regardless of any situational, temporary, or permanent disabilities. All materials produced and distributed online must meet accessibility standards.

Paper Signage

Paper signs, posters, flyers, and brochures, such as those advertising lectures or classes designed and printed on a normal printer by a department to be hung on a bulletin board, should adhere to Syracuse University's brand guidelines. The Office of Communications provides free, brand compliant and accessible templates for your use.

Syracuse University has bulletin boards strategically placed in buildings throughout campus. “General use” bulletin boards are located in designated public spaces and promote campus-wide events, activities and announcements, while bulletin boards in close proximity to academic departments and programs are for use by those units only. Posters and paper signage that are outdated or affixed to doors and walls are subject to removal.

For all print/reprint projects, before contacting the Division of Marketing and Communications (DMC), please contact the A&S Office of Communications with your request, so we can ensure consistent usage of University branding guidelines. For expeditious review, please tell us:

  • Type of project (magazine, trifold brochure, etc.)
  • Audience, quantity and distribution
  • Date needed in-hand

A member of the A&S communications team will then get back to you with any comments or adjustments needed before it goes to DMC.