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Syracuse University, College of Arts and Sciences

Graduate Program Contacts

Though the College of Arts and Sciences Admissions Office assists our academic departments recruit graduate students, our office does not administer the application review process or award financial aid for our graduate programs. For more information about application requirements and financial support related to our graduate programs, please contact the graduate director or graduate coordinator from your program of interest.

Program Director or coordinator Email Phone
Applied Statistics M.S. Prof. Pinyuen Chen 315.443.1577
Art History M.A. Prof. Sascha Scott 315.443.5033
Audiology Au.D./Ph.D. Jonathan L. Preston 315.443.3143
Biology M.S./Ph.D 315.443.9154
Biomedical Forensic Sciences M.S. Prof. Kathy Corrado 315.443.0360
Biotechnology M.S. Prof. Surabhi Raina 315.443.2057
Chemistry M.S./Ph.D. Jodi Randall 315.443.3992
Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Ph.D. Prof. Collin Gifford Brooke 315.443.3406
Computational Linguistics M.S. Prof. Jaklin Kornfilt 315.443.5375
Creative Writing (Fiction/Poetry) M.F.A. Terri Zollo 315.443.2174
Earth Science M.A./M.S./Ph.D. Prof. Zunli Lu 315.443.0281
English M.A./Ph.D. Terri Zollo 315.443.2174
Firearm and Tool Mark Examination C.A.S. Prof. Kathy Corrado 315.443.0360
Forensic Science M.S. Prof. Kathy Corrado 315.443.0360
French and Francophone Studies M.A. Prof. Jean Jonassaint 315.443.5382
Linguistic Studies M.A. Prof. Jaklin Kornfilt 315.443.5375
Mathematics M.S./Ph.D. Prof. William Wylie  
Medicolegal Death Investigation C.A.S./M.S. Prof. Kathy Corrado 315.443.0360
Pan African Studies M.A. Ajajielle A. Brown 315.443.5599
Philosophy M.A./Ph.D. Hille Paakkunainen 315.443.5827
Physics M.S./Ph.D. 315.443.3901
Psychology (all graduate programs) Margaret Washburn 315.443.3087
Religion M.A./Ph.D. Jacqueline Borowve 315.443.3861
Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture M.A. Prof. Gail Bulman 315.443.5385
Speech-Language Pathology (Regular Program & Non-Certification Track) M.S./Ph.D. Prof. Jonathan L. Preston 315.443.3143
Women’s and Gender Studies C.A.S. Prof. Pedro DiPietro (PJ) 315.443.3707