Orange Alert

Strong signals

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Posted on: April 30, 2020

Dear A&S students, faculty and staff,

As I sit down to write this note, I am looking out my back window. My phones, notes and laptop are taking up most of the kitchen table. My husband is in the next room teaching a class; my daughter is at the counter working on a final paper. We all are carrying on with what needs to be done. Our Wi-Fi, which we rely on unquestioningly, has held up admirably. Its signal is strong.

That ever-present, unseen signal reminds me of another thing that is not visible yet is so important to me. That is the bond of caring that unites us all in A&S—students, faculty, staff and alumni—wherever we may be.

This signal, too, is strong. I see it in my Zoom calls with faculty about enhancing the online student experience. I see it in the screenshots of virtual advising, in the eyes of our compassionate staff. I see it in photos of our students, doing their best to adapt to a new way of learning. (To see for yourselves, check our updated #ArtsSci2Gether page.)

All this reaffirms my belief that we are truly strong, flexible and committed to being the best we can in any circumstance. Thank you, and I am proud of all of you.

As we wind down this unusual semester, I am heartened by the incredible work in A&S that continues in all our departments. From Books in the Humanities to the BioInspired Institute, we are continuing to unflinchingly carry out A&S’ mission as we collectively work towards a healthier and more humane world.

Along that line, our new Spring Magazine offers some welcome positive news and inspiring spotlights from our college, such as:

As you read through these compelling articles, I remind you that these are just two examples of the groundbreaking work happening throughout A&S thanks to your efforts. I congratulate you all on a job well done this semester and thank you for helping to keep our signal strong.


Karin Ruhlandt
Dean and Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences