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The minor in Logic requires 18 credits, selected in consultation with the program advisor. At least 12 credits are in courses numbered above 299. Students take the following courses (though suitable courses in special topics may be substituted, subject to the program advisor's approval).

Minor Requirements

Introduction to Concepts of Logic (two courses required)
PHI 251 Logic

And one of the following three courses
PHI 252 Logic and Language
CIS 275 Introduction to Discrete Mathematics
MAT 275 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

Techniques of Logical Investigation (at least one course)
CIS 473 Logic and Computability
CIS 475 Logic and Automated Reasoning
CIS 521 Discrete Mathematics and Data Structures
PHI 551 Symbolic Logic
PHI 552 Modal Logic

Other Courses (choose two or three)
CIS 373 Introduction to Automata Theory
CIS 473 Logic and Computability
CIS 563 Natural Language Processing
CIS 567 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
LIN 441/641 Syntactic Analysis
MAT 593 History of Mathematics
PHI 365 Language and Mind
PHI 373 Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
PHI 487 History of Epistemology
PHI 555 Philosophy of Mathematics
PHI 565 Philosophy of Language