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Language Matters

Official Launch and Symposium

The official Language Matters launch and Symposium will take place on May 29-30, 2019. 

Wednesday May 29, 2019

Peter Graham Scholarly Commons, Bird Library

9:00 – Breakfast

9:30 – Opening and Welcome

  • Stefano Giannini (Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics)
  • Alan Middleton (A&S Associate Dean for Research)
  • Lois Agnew (A&S Associate Dean of Curriculum Innovation and Pedagogy)
  • Gail Bulman (Associate Professor, Spanish; PLACA Director)

9:50 – Launch / Description of Language Matters Research Initiative and Research Seminar series

  • Amanda Brown (Associate Professor, Linguistics; TESOL Program Coordinator)
  • Gail Bulman (Associate Professor, Spanish; PLACA Director)
  • Rania Habib (Associate Professor, Linguistics and Arabic; Arabic Program Coordinator)
  • Stefano Giannini (Chair, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics)
  • Emma Ticio (Associate Professor, Spanish and Linguistics; Spanish Program Coordinator)

10:45 – break

11:00 – Description of UK-funded Humanities Research Project: Language Acts and World Making

  • Catherine Boyle (Professor of Latin American Cultural Studies, King's College London)
  • Sophie Stevens (Post-Doctoral Researcher, Language Acts and World Making)

12:00 – Lunch (on site)

1:00-3:00 – Translation in the 21st Century, led by Catherine Boyle and Sophie Stevens

3:15-5:15 – Language Curriculum/Community Research and Engagement Laboratories Module, led by Catherine Boyle and Sophie Stevens

5:30-6:30 – Reception


Thursday May 30, 2019

Kittredge Auditorium, H. B. Crouse Hall

8:45 – Breakfast

9:00 – Opening and Welcome

  • Christina Leigh Docteur, Director of Proposal Support Services, Syracuse University
  • Margaret Hermann, Director, Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs Digitally Open Borders panel around digital humanities:

  • 'Onondaga Language and the Skä·noñh—Great Law of Peace Center' Phillip Arnold – Chair, Department of Religion, Native American and Indigenous Studies, SU
  • 'Languages in DH Pedagogy and Infrastructure' Patrick Williams – SU Library and Digital Humanities specialist
  • 'Literary Dataism and Digital Reading: Designing, Visualizing, and Learning in Digital Humanities Projects' Stefano Selenu – Assistant Teaching Professor, Italian, SU
  • 'Digital research and teaching of Spanish literature' Alejandro García-Reidy - Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the IEMRYhd, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain

11:00-11:15 – Break

11:15-12:45 – Art and Activism in the Digital Age. A New Interdisciplinary Module, led by Catherine Boyle and Sophie Stevens

12:45 – closing

Languaging Across the Curriculum (LAC)

How can studying in multiple languages improve communication, reduce prejudices, and promote inclusivity?

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CUSE Speaks

How do diverse linguistic groups affect the shaping of languages and the health of individuals and the community?

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Comfort Zones: Language and Human Security

How can analyzing language enhance national and global approaches to migration, healthcare, criminology, or cybersecurity?

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PICs: Performing Identities Across Cultures

How might artistic performances break down cultural and linguistic barriers and help with conflict resolution?

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How can creating digitally open borders revolutionize language learning, improve global communication, broaden cultural sensitivities, and strengthen international partnerships?

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