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Scott Samson works in laboratory with student

Spotlight on Research

Research in The College of Arts and Sciences covers a spectrum of activities as vast as the Universe.  Faculty explore the arts, literatures, languages, cultures, thought, beliefs, and the politics of ancient civilizations to modern times. They listen for the symphony of signals produced by black holes and dark matter; explore rainforests, glaciers, and oceans; and expand our fundamental understanding of cells, molecules, atoms, quantum mechanics, and human behavior.

Explore with us the many opportunities for multidisciplinary, collaborative research on campus, in the surrounding community, and across the globe.


Community outreach
Writing and Rhetoric grad student facilitates community press
The Haudenosaunee story
Philip P. Arnold appointed founding director of the Great Law of Peace Educational Center
Perpetual Peace Project 2011-2013
SU Humanities Center partners with the international Perpetual Peace Project
undergraduate biology students study plants on fieldtrip

Undergraduate Research Programs

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iLEARN Website


Ocean noise and stress in whales
Susan Parks studies endangered North Atlantic Right Whales
Hydrofracking and water quality
Earth scientists study new ways to monitor water quality in Marcellus Shale
Research at the interface of biology and physics
SU physicist partners with SUNY Update biologist to study the earliest stages of human development