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Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Research Professor and Professor Emeriti of Earth Sciences

Research and Teaching Interests

In the last five years my research activities have focused on the following.

Studies of the age of anatexis in metapelites of the Adirondack Mountains, New York and its tectonic implications;

Studies of Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Paleoproterozoic igneous rocks in central Colorado to determine whether these ca. 1750 Ma rocks are juvenile and arc-related or dereived from pre-existing crust and rift-related.

Zircon dating of tuff beds in the Mesoproterozoic Chhattisgarh Basin of peninsular India.

Sr isotopic studies of pore fluids, serpentine, and harzburgite clasts from mud volcanoes in the Marianas fore-arc.

Studies of Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Adirondack anorthosites and implications for the origin of anorthosites.


Techniques of Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis (EAR 400/600)

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (EAR 200)

Advanced Petrology (EAR 600)

Selected Publications

: Last five years:

Day, Howard W., and Bickford, M. E., 2004, Tectonic setting of the Jurassic Smartville and Slate Creek complexes, northern Sierra Nevada, California: Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, v. 116, p. 1515-1528.

McLelland, J. M., Bickford, M. E., Hill, B. M., Clechenko, C. C., Valley, J. C., and Hamilton, M. A., 2004, Direct dating of Adirondack massif anorthosite by U-Pb SHRIMP analysis of igneous zircon: implications for AMCG complexes: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 116, p. 1299-1317.

Tucker, R. D., Robinson, P., Solli, A., Gee, D. G., Thorsnes, T., Krogh, T. E., Nordgulen, O., and Bickford, M. E., Thrusting and extension in the Scandian hinterland, Norway: New U-Pb ages and tectonostratigraphic evidence: American Journal of Science, v. 304, p. 477-532.

Rayner, N.M.,Stern,R.A.,and Bickford, M.E., 2005, Tectonic implications of new SHRIMP and TIMS U-Pb geochronology of rocks from the Sask Craton, Peter Lake Domain, and Hearne margin, Trans-Hudson orogen, Saskatchewan: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 42, p. 635-657.

Bickford, M. E., Mock, T. D., Steinhart, W. E., III1, Collerson, K. D., and Lewry, J. F., 2005, Origin of the Archean Sask Craton and its Extent Within the Trans-Hudson Orogen: Evidence from Pb and Nd Isotopic Compositions of Basement Rocks and Post-Orogenic Intrusions: Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 42, p. 659-684.

Selleck, B. W., McLelland, J. M., and Bickford, M. E., 2005, Granite emplacement during tectonic exhumation: the Adirondack example: Geology , v. 33, p. 781-784. 

Bickford, M. E., Wooden, J. L., and Bauer, R. L., 2006, SHRIMP study of zircons from Early Archean rocks in the Minnesota River Valley: Implications for the tectonic history of the Superior Province: Bulletin Geological Society of America, v. 118, p. 94-108.

Heumann, M. J., Bickford, M. E., Hill, Barbara M., McLelland, J. M., Selleck, B. W., and Jercinovic, M. J., 2006, Timing of Anatexis in Metapelites from the Adirondack Lowlands and Southern Highlands: a Manifestation of the Shawinigan Orogeny and Subsequent AMCG Magmatism: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 118, p. 1283-1298.

Attoh, Kodjopa, Evans, M. J., and Bickford, M. E., 2006, Geochemistry of an ultramafic-rodingite rock association in the Paleoproterozoic Dixcove greenstone belt, southwestern Ghana: Journal of African Earth Sciences, v. 45, p. 333-346.

Bickford, M. E., and Hill, Barbara M., 2007, Does the Arc Accretion Model Adequately Explain the Paleoproterozoic Evolution of Southern Laurentia? An Expanded Interpretation: Geology, v. 35, p. 167-170.

Schneider, D. A., Heizler, M. T., Bickford, M. E., Wortman, G. L., Condie, K. C., and Perilli, S., 2007, Timing constraints of orogeny to cratonization: Thermochronology of the Paleoproterozoic Trans-Hudson orogen, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada: Precambrian Research, v. 156, p. 65-95. 

Bickford, Marion E., Wooden, Joseph L., Bauer, Robert L., and Schmitz, Mark D., 2007, Paleoarchean gneisses in the Minnesota River Valley and Northern Michigan, USA, in Martin Van Kranendonk R. Hugh Smithies, and Vickie C. Bennett, eds., Earth’s Oldest Rocks, Developments in Precambrian Geology, Amsterdam, Elsevier, p. 731-750. 

Patranabis-Deb, Sarbani, Bickford, M. E., Hill, Barbara, Chaudhuri, Asru K., and Basu, Abhijit, 2007, SHRIMP ages of zircons in the uppermost tuff in Chattisgarh Basin in central India require ~500 Ma adjustment in Indian Proterozoic stratigraphy; Journal of Geology, v. 115, p. 407-415.

Bickford, M. E., Mueller, P. A., Kamenov, G. D., and Hill, Barbara M., 2008, Crustal evolution of southern Laurentia during the Paleoproterozoic: insights from zircon Hf isotopic studies of ca. 1.75 Ga rocks in central Colorado: Geology, v. 36, p. 555-558.

Bickford, M. E., McLelland, J. M., Selleck, B. W., Hill, Barbara M., and Heumann, M. D., 2007, Timing of Anatexis in the Eastern Adirondack Highlands: Implications for tectonic evolution during ca. 1050 Ma Ottawan orogenesis, Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 120, p. 950-961. 

Patranabis-Deb, S., Bickford, M. E., Hill, B. Chaudhuri, A. K., and Basu, A., 2008, SHRIMP ages of zircon in the Uppermost Tuff in Chattisgarh Basin in central India require ~500 Ma adjustment in Indian Proterozoic stratigraphy: A Reply: Journal of Geology, v. 116, p. 540-542.

Bickford, M. E., Siegel, D. I., Mottl, M. J., Hill, Barbara M., and Shosa, Jennifer, 2008, Strontium isotopic relations among pore fluids, serpentine matrix, and harzburgite clasts, south Chammoro seamount, Mariana forearc, Chemical Geology, v. 256, p. 24-32.

Lancaster, P. J., Fu, B., Page, F. Z., Kita, N. T., Bickford, M. E., Hill, B. M., McLelland, J. M., and Valley, J. W., 2009, Genesis of metapelitic migmatites in the Adirondack Mountains, New York: Journal of Metamorphic Petrology, v. 27, p. 41-54.