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Ahmed Abdel Meguid

Ahmed Abdel Meguid

Assistant Professor

512 Hall of Languages

Research Interests

Islamic thought [philosophy and theology]; late 18th, 19th, and early 20th century German philosophy [Kant, German Idealism, Dilthey, Husserl, Heidegger]

Previous Academic Positions

Assistant Professor - Department of Religion, Syracuse University - 2011-Present

Adjunct Faculty - Department of Philosophy and Religion, Spelman College - 2010-2011

Adjunct Faculty - Department of Philosophy and Religion, Morehouse College - 2009-2010

Part-time Instructor - Department of Philosophy, Georgia State University - 2008


PhD - Philosophy, Emory University

MA - Philosophy, Emory University

BA - Philosophy and Economics, The American University in Cairo


REL 165 - Discovering Islam

REL 371 - God in Political Theory

REL/PHI 394 - Theories of the Self

Selected Publications

‘Human Nature in Islam,’ ‘Abū al-Hasan al-Ash‘arī,’ ‘Prophecy,’ and ‘Free Will’. Forthcoming in Princeton Encyclopedia of Islamic Political Thought. New Jersey: Princeton University Press.

‘Political realism in the Naturalistic-Psychological roots of Averroës’ Critique of Plato’s theory of political constitutions in the Republic’. Matter and Form from Natural Science to Political Philosophy, ed. Ann Ward. Lanham: Lexington Press, 2009. pp. 71-84.

"al-Messiri wa Ishkalyat al-Hadatha" [al-Messiri and the Problematic of Modernity] in A Tribute to Abdel Wahab al-Messiri (Ta’amulatat fi Alam Abdel Wahab al-Messiri) (In Arabic), volume I, pages (42-64). Cairo: Dar El-Shourouk Publishing Company, September 2004.

Reversing Schmitt: The sovereign as a guardian of rational pluralism and the peculiarity of the Islamic state of exception in al-Juwayn ̄ı’s dialectical theology, in *the European Journal of Political Theory*, (September 12, 2017),1-23. DOI: 10.1177/1474885117730672

Al-Kindī's Argument for the Finitude of Time in His Critique of Aristotle's Theory of the Eternity of the World in the Treatise on First Philosophy: The Role of the Perceiving Soul and the Relation between Sensation and Intellection, *Oxford Journal of Islamic Studies*, forthcoming.