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Joseph Schechter

Joseph Schechter

Professor Emeritus
Physics Department

357 Physics Building

Research Interests

  • Particle physics phenomenology, especially unified weak electromagnetic theories and particular processes.
  • Neutrino theory and applications.
  • Effective Lagrangians for strong and other interactions.
  • Light scalar meson puzzle.
  • Understanding anomalies and gauge theories in general beyond the standard model.


1965 Ph.D. Physics
University of Rochester
1959 B.E.E. Electrical Engineering
Cooper Union

Awards & Professional Honors

  • Fellow American Physical Society
  • William Wasserstrom Award for "Excellence in Graduate Teaching"

Selected Publications

"Are three flavors special". A.H. Fariborz, R. Jora, J. Schechter, M.N. Shahid, Phys Rev D 83, 034018 (2010).

"Non perturbative results for Yang Mills theories" F. Sannino, J. Schechter, Phys Rev D82 096008 (2010).

“Doubly perturbed S_3 neutrinos and the s_13 mixing parameter", R. Jora,, J. Schechter, M.N. Shahid, Phys Rev D82 053006 (2010).

"Gauged linear sigma model and pion pion scattering", A.H. Fariborz, N.W. Park, J.Schechter, M.N.  Shahid, Phys Rev D80 113001 (2009).

Global aspects of the scalar meson puzzle" A.H. Fariborz, R. Jora, J. Schechter, Phys Rev D 79 074014 (2009).