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Carl Rosenzweig

Carl Rosenzweig

Professor Emeritus
Physics Department

319 Physics Building

Research Interests

  • Connections between microphysics and cosmology.
  • Non standard models of the Higgs Boson at LHC.
  • Confinement in QCD and field theory.


1972 Ph.D. in Physics
Harvard University
1967 M.S. in Physics
Polytechnic Institute of NY, Brooklyn
1967 B.S. in Physics
Polytechnic Institute of NY, Brooklyn

Selected Publications

Have Mesons Composed of Charmed Diquarks Been Discovered? Phys. Rev. Let. 36, 697 (1976).

Dual Topological Unitarization: An Ordered Approach to Hadron Theory; with G.F.Chew, Phys. Reports 41, no. 5 (1978).

Is the Effective Lagrangian for QCD a Sigma Model? with J. Schechter and G. Trahern, Phys. Rev. D21, 3388 (1980).

QCD Vacuum as a Chromomagnetic Superconductor: Microscopic Physics; with V.P. Nair, Phys. Rev. D31, 401 (1985).

Stability of Black Hole Horizons and the Landau Ghost; with J. Beckenstein, Phys. Rev. D50, 7239 (1994).