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Jay Hubisz

Jay Hubisz

Associate Professor
Physics Department

311 Physics Building

Research Interests

  • Physics at the TeV scale.
  • Dynamics of electroweak symmetry breaking.
  • Hadron collider phenomenology.
  • Effective field theory and supersymmetric extensions of the standard model.
  • Astrophysical implications of extensions of the standard model.


2006 Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics
Cornell University
2001 B.S. in Physics
California Institute of Technology

Selected Publications

D. Bunk and J. Hubisz, Revealing Randall Sundrum Hidden Valleys  Phys. Rev.  D 81, 125009 (2010)  [arXiv:1002.3160 [hep-ph]].

C. Csaki, J. Heinonen, J. Hubisz, S.C. Park and J. Shu, 5D UED: Flat and Flavorless, JHEP 1101, 089 (2011) [arXiv:1007.0025 [hep-ph]].

J. Hubisz and J. Shao, Mass Measurement in Boosted Decay Chains with Missing Energy, arXiv:1009.1148 [hep-ph].

B. Bellazzini, C. Csaki, J. Hubisz and J. Shao, SUSY Digs up a Buried Higgs, arXiv:1012.1316 [hep-ph].