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Hille Paakkunainen

Hille Paakkunainen

Associate Professor

532 Hall of Languages

Research and Teaching Interests

Hille Paakkunainen works in Metaethics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Action.  Most of her work thus far concerns the nature of various normative phenomena, such as having a good reason for doing something, or being justified in believing something; and the relationship between such phenomena and forms of reasoning or agency.

She regularly teaches courses in ethics and epistemology.

Selected Publications

Doubts about “Genuinely Normative” Epistemic Reasons. In Metaepistemology, ed. Whiting, D., Way, J. & McHugh, C. Oxford: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Can There Be Government House Reasons for Action? Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy 12:56-93 (2017).

The “Just Too Different” Objection to Normative Naturalism. Philosophy Compass (Nov 2017 Early View)

Internalism and Externalism about Reasons. In The Oxford Handbook of Reasons and Normativity, ed. Daniel Star. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2018).

Normativity and Agency. In Routledge Handbook of Metaethics, ed. Tristram McPherson & David Plunkett. Routledge (2017).

Vindicating Practical Norms: Metasemantic Strategies. Oxford Studies in Metaethics, Vol. 9, ed. Russ Shafer-Landau. Oxford: Oxford University Press (2014).