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Kristopher McDaniel

Kristopher McDaniel


536 Hall of Languages

Research and Teaching Interests

Kris McDaniel works in metaphysics. He has published articles on existence, meta-ontology, composition, persistence through time, and modality. He is also interested in ethics and the history of philosophy. He has a dog named "Ranger".

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Selected Publications


"Being and Almost Nothingness", Nous (forthcoming).

"Composition as Identity Does Not Imply Universalism", Erkenntnis (forthcoming).

"A Return to the Analogy of Being", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (forthcoming).

"Parts and Wholes", Philosophy Compass (forthcoming).

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"Structure-Making", Australasian Journal of Philosophy 87.2 (2009), p. 251-274.

"Extended Simples and Qualitative Heterogeneity", The Philosophical Quarterly 59.235 (2009), pp. 325-331.

"Ways of Being", Metametaphysics (2009), edited by David Chalmers, David Manley, and Ryan Wasserman, Oxford University Press.

"Desires", (with Ben Bradley), Mind 117 (2008), pp. 111-127.

"Against Composition as Identity", Analysis 68.2 (2008), pp. 128-133.

"Extended Simples", Philosophical Studies 133.1 (2007), pp. 131-141.

"Brutal Simples", Oxford Studies in Metaphysics (2007), volume three.

"Discrete Space and Distance", Synthese 155.1 (2007), pp. 157-162.

"Gunky Objects in a Simple Worlds", Philo 9:1 (2006), pp. 47-54.

"Modal Realisms", Philosophical Perspectives: Metaphysics 20 (2006), pp. 303-331.

"Modal Realism with Overlap", Australasian Journal of Philosophy 82.1 (2004), pp. 137-152.  (This is reprinted in Lewisian Themes, edited by Frank Jackson and Graham Priest, Oxford University Press, September 2004).

"No Paradox of Multi-Location", Analysis 63.4 (2003), pp. 309-311.

"Against MaxCon Simples", Australasian Journal of Philosophy 81.2 (2003), pp. 265-275.

"Tropes and Ordinary Physical Objects", Philosophical Studies 104.3 (2001), pp. 269-290.