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Frederick Beiser

Frederick Beiser


531 Hall of Languages

Research and Teaching Interests

Fred Beiser has been a major contributor to work on the history of modern philosophy, especially the history of German philosophy (Kant and German idealism) and the English Enlightenment. His book The Fate of Reason: German Philosophy from Kant to Fichte won the 1987 Thomas J. Wilson Prize for the Best First Book. He has won Thyssen and Humboldt research fellowships to study at the Free University of Berlin and was a 1994 Guggenheim Fellow. He received a 1999-2000 NEH Faculty Fellowship (at Indiana University), and he has won awards for his outstanding undergraduate teaching.

Selected Publications


Diotima's Children: German Aesthetic Rationalism from Leibniz to Lessing: Oxford University Press, 2009


'Mathematical Method in Kant, Schelling and Hegel', in Discourse on a New Method, eds. Mary Domski and Michael Dickson (Chicago: Open Court, 2009), pp. 243-258

'Normativity in Neo-Kantianism: Its Rise and Fall', International Journal of Philosophical Studies: 17 (2009), 9-27

'Morality' in The Blackwell Guide to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit, ed. Kenneth Westphal (Oxford: Blackwell 2009), pp. 162-174

'The German Historicist Tradition', Oxford University Press, September 2009