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Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Marion E. Bickford (Pat)

Research Professor, Earth Sciences and Professor Emeritus
Earth Sciences

218 Heroy Geology Laboratory

Research and Teaching Interests

In the last five years my research activities have focused on the following.

Studies of the age of anatexis in metapelites of the Adirondack Mountains, New York and its tectonic implications;

Studies of Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Paleoproterozoic igneous rocks in central Colorado to determine whether these ca. 1750 Ma rocks are juvenile and arc-related or dereived from pre-existing crust and rift-related.

Zircon dating of tuff beds in the Mesoproterozoic Chhattisgarh Basin of peninsular India.

Sr isotopic studies of pore fluids, serpentine, and harzburgite clasts from mud volcanoes in the Marianas fore-arc.

Studies of Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Adirondack anorthosites and implications for the origin of anorthosites.


Techniques of Scanning Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Analysis (EAR 400/600)

Volcanoes and Earthquakes (EAR 200)

Advanced Petrology (EAR 600)

Selected Publications

: Last five years:

Bickford, M. E.,  McLelland, J. M., Mueller, P. A., Kamenov, G. D., and Neadle, M., 2010, Hf isotopic compositions in zircons from Adirondack AMCG suites: implications for the petrogenesis of anorthosites, gabbros, and granitic members of the suite: Canadian Mineralogist (Emslie Issue), v. 48, p751-761.

Peck, W. H., Bickford, M. E., McLelland, J. M., Nagle, Ashley, and Swarr, G. J., 2010, Mechanism of metamorphic zircon growth in a granulite facies quartzite, Adirondack Highlands, Grenville Province, New York: American Mineralogist, v. 95, p. 1796-1806.

Condie, K. C., Bickford, M. E., Aster, R. C., Belousova, E., and Scholl, D., 2010, Episodic Zircon Ages, Hf Isotopic Composition and the Preservation Rate of Continental Crust: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 123, p. 951-957.

Bickford, M. E. Basu, A, Sarbani Patranabis-Deb, Pratap C. Dhang, and Schieber, J., 2011a, Depositional History of the Chhattisgarh Basin, Central India: Constraints from New SHRIMP Zircon Ages; Journal of Geology, v. 119, p. 33-50.

Bickford, M. E.; Basu, A.; Mukherjee, A.; Hietpas, Jack; Schieber, J.; Patranabis-Deb,  Sarbani; Ray, R.; Guhey, R.; Bhattacharya,  P.; and Dhang , Pratap, 2011b, New U-Pb SHRIMP Zircon Ages of the Dhamda Tuff in the Mesoproterozoic Chhattisgarh Basin, Peninsular India:  Stratigraphic Implications and Significance of a 1 Ga Thermal-Magmatic Event: Journal of Geology, v. 119, p. 535-548.

Bickford, M. E., Basu, Abhijit, Patranabis-Deb, S., Dhang, P. C., and Schrieber, J., 2011, Depositional History of the Chhattisgarh Basin, Central India: Constraints from New SHRIMP Zircon Ages: A Reply: Journal of Geology, v. 119, p. 553-556.

Bauer, R. L., Bickford, M. E., Satkoski, A. M., Southwick, D. L., and Samson, S. D., 2011, Geology and geochronology of Paleoarchean gneisses in the Minnesota River Valley: in Miller, J. D., Hudak, G. J., Wittkop, C., and McLaughlin, P. I., eds. Archean to Anthropocene: Field Guides to the Geology of the Mid-Continent of North America: Geological Society of America Field Guide 24, p. 47-62.

Mukherjee, A. , Bickford, M. E, Hietpas, Jack,  Schieber, J., and Basu, A., 2012, Implications of a newly dated ca. 1000 Ma rhyolitic tuff in the Indravati basin, Bastar Craton, India, Journal of Geology, v. 120, p. 477-485.

Satkoski, A. M., Bickford, M. E., Samson, S. D., Bauer , R.L., Mueller, P.A., and Kamenov, G.D. ,2013,  Geochemical and Hf-Nd isotopic constraints on the crustal evolution of Archean rocks from the Minnesota River Valley, USA:  Precambrian Research, v. 224, p. 36-50.

Bickford, M. E., Saha, D., Schieber, J., Kamenov, G., Russell, A., and Basu, A., 2013, New U-Pb ages of zircons in the Owk shale (Kurnool Group) with reflections on Proterozoic porcellanites in India: Journal of the Geological Society of India, v. 82, p. 207-216.

Basu, A., and Bickford, M. E., 2014, Contributions of zircon U-Pb geochronology to understanding the volcanic and sedimentary history of some Purana basins, India: Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, v. 91, p. 252-262.

Bickford, M. E., Basu, Abhijit, Kamenov, G. D., Mueller, P. A., Patranabis-Deb, S., and Mukherjee, A., 2014, Petrogenesis of 1000 Ma Felsic Tuffs, Chhattisgarh and Indravati

Basins, Bastar Craton, India: Geochemical and Hf  Isotope Constraints: Journal of Geology, v. 122, p. 43-54.

Basu, Abhijit, and Bickford, M. E., 2014, An Alternate Perspective on the Opening and Closing of the Intracratonic Purana Basins in Peninsular India: Journal of the Geological Society of India, v. 85, p. 5-25.