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Melissa E. Pepling

Melissa E. Pepling

Professor and Associate Chair

110 Life Sciences Complex


  • Ph.D., SUNY Stony Brook (1995)
  • M.S., Adelphi University (1988)
  • B.S., Cornell University (1985)

Research Interests

Regulation of mouse oocyte development; Hormone signaling in oocyte differentiation.


  • BIO 425: Cell & Developmental Biology Laboratory
  • BIO 503: Developmental Biology

Interdisciplinary Programs

Selected Publications

  • Dutta, S., Mark-Kappeler, C.J., Hoyer, P. B. and Pepling, M.E. (2014) The Steroid Hormone Environment during Primordial Follicle Formation in Perinatal Mouse Ovaries. Biology of Reproduction, in press.
  • Sivakumar, K.K., Stanley, J.A., Arosh, J.A., Pepling, M.E., Burghardt, R.C. and Banu, S. (2014) Prenatal Exposure to Chromium induces Early Reproductive Senescence by increasing Germ Cell Apoptosis and advancing Germ Cell Cyst Breakdown in the F1 Offspring. Developmental Biology 388, 22-34.
  • Jones, R.L. and Pepling, M.E. (2013) Kit Signaling is Involved in Murine Primordial Follicle Formation. Developmental Biology 382, 186-197.
  • Jones, R.L. and Pepling, M.E. (2013) Role of the Anti-Apoptotic Proteins BCL2 and MCL1 in the Neonatal Mouse Ovary. Biology of Reproduction 88(2):46, 1-8.
  • Karavan, J. and Pepling, M.E., (2012) Effects of Estrogenic Compounds on Neonatal Oocyte Development. Reproductive Toxicology 34, 51-56.
  • Pepling, M.E. (2012) Follicular Assembly: Mechanisms of Action. Reproduction 143, 139-149.