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Danielle T. Smith

Danielle T. Smith

Director of the Renée Crown University Honors Program; Professor, African American Studies
African American Studies

Sims Hall

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Gender studies; population displacement and migration; post-conflict reconciliation and reconstruction; global health and development; Africa and its diaspora; the United States

    Recent Publications

    2017. Smith, Danielle. Diaspora, citizenship and post-conflict economic reconstruction: Examining the dual citizenship debate in Liberia. Liberian Studies Journal, 38(2): 93-126.

    2015. Jappah, Vincent and Danielle T. Smith. Global governmentality: Biosecurity in the era of infectious diseases. Global Public Health, 10(10): 1139-1156 (lead article).

    2015. Omori, Megumi and Danielle T. Smith. The impact of socioeconomic status and metropolitan area racial composition on visible consumption among racial/ethnic minorities and whites. Race and Social Problems, 7(3): 169-180.