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Kwame Dixon

Kwame Dixon

Associate Professor
African American Studies

206 Sims Hall

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Dr. Dixon came to Syracuse University in January of 2007. At present his research is mainly concentrated on Latin America and the Caribbean. The main focus of his research is to develop comparative and methodological approaches for the study of social exclusion (racial and gender discrimination) in the context of international human rights, democracy and conflict resolution. This research examines how racialization, gender and other forms of social discrimination lead to human rights violations against at-risk populations and ways in which excluded communities are integrated into the fabric of democratic structures across the Americas. Other themes of his research include the social construction of national identity, social movements, the role of popular culture, i.e. film, literature and music, as concrete forms of hegemonic and counter-hegemonic discourses. Visit Dr.Dixon's personal website at

    Selected Publications

    • “Afro-Cinema in Latin America: a new cultural renaissance,” e-misférica – a Journal of Performance and Politics in the Americas, number 5.2 (2008)
    • “Transnational Social Movements and the Struggle for Human Rights: The Case of Afro-Colombians,” in Rethinking Social Movements: Resistance, Power and Democracy in Post Neoliberal Era, Edited by Harry Vanden and Richard Stahler-Sholk, (Rowen and Littlefield, 2008).
    • “Where is Sara Gomez,” SCOPE – A Journal of Critical Film Studies October 2007.
    • “The Intersection of Race, International Affairs and US Foreign Policy: How African Americans have influenced and constructed US foreign policy,” in Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice: Foreign Policy, Race, and the New American Century, Clearance Lusane (Praeger: 2006).
    • “Paris is Burning: Post Industrial Social Insurrections and the Wretched of the Earth,” Black Commentator: November 17, 2005
    • “Sketches of Spain: Race, Justice and the Struggle for Human Rights” American Consortium on European Union Studies (ACES) EU Center of Excellence: November, 2005, Washington, DC
    • “Afro-Colombians and the Struggle for Human Rights” Wadabagei – Journal of the Caribbean and its Diaspora, Special Issue on the Black presence in Latin, Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2005
    • “Discriminación Racial y Derechos Humanos: Los derechos de los No-Ciudadanos” (Racial Discrimination and Human Rights: The Rights of Non – Citizens,): Revista Española de Estudios Norteamericanos, número 23-24, Fall 2003
    • The Politics of Latin America: The Power Game, Harry Vanden and Gary Prevost (Chapter 4) New York, Oxford University Press 2002
    • The Seeds of Democracy: “Democracy and Black Social Movements in Latin America: The Case of Black Colombia”,The Center for Documentation and Research for Latin America and Europe (CIDEAL), Madrid, Spain, April 2002
    • “Police Brutality and Human Rights in the United States,” Amnesty International USA. February 2000.