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Omanii Abdullah

Omanii Abdullah

African American Studies

    Research and Teaching Interests

    Traveling, poetry writing, and conducting workshops throughout the nation in correctional facilities, division for youth centers, high schools, colleges, and hospices--Also the Director of the Hank Gathers' Players (a multi-cultural troupe of traveling college student poets).

    Professor Abdullah's courses are available during the summer semesters only at Syracuse University.

    Selected Publications

    • with James V. Hatch, An Annotated Bibliography of Black Drama 1823-1977 Bowker Press, 1977
    • I Wanna Be the Kind of Father My Mother Was (Poetry Collection), New Readers Press, 1993.
    • Nobody Eats Fried Chicken Like Black Folks Do (Poetry Collection), Ernestine Durham Press, 1999.
    • This is Gonna Hurt Me a Whole Lot More'n Hurts You (Poetry Collection). Ernestine Durham Press, 2003.