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Melike Unal-Gezer

Melike Unal-Gezer

Instructor of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics

HB Crouse Hall

    Teaching Interests

    Dr. Ünal-Gezer's research focuses on the interface between English as a second and foreign language, and bilingual literacy development.

    Utilizing both experimental and naturalistic methods, her research aims to advance theoretical and empirical knowledge of second language literacy development and language teacher education. Her dissertation investigated the concurrent influence of multi-level metalinguistic skills including phonological, morphological, and orthographic knowledge in English as well as the impact of socio-cultural factors (e.g. SES, home-literacy practices) on EFL spelling of Turkish 6th, 7th, and 8th grade pupils (N= 367). 

    A secondary reseearch interest for Dr. Ünal-Gezer is the acquisition of Turkish by non-native speakers of Turkish. Currently, she is involved in two different projects that investigated the English morphology knowledge and English word processing abilities of Turkish adults.

    One project which had its basic tenets from pyscholinguistic research specifically examined whether adult Turkish EFL learners retrieve English words through the semantic (the meaning of the word triggers recalling the target word) or phonological (the spelling or sounding out word helps the retrieval) route.  

    A more recent project investigated the Turkish adult native speakers’ recognition of English real words. The words have different frequency levels and number of morphemes. As Turkish is an agglutinative language while English is not, this study specifically examined how Turkish native speakers access English words with varying degrees of morphological complexity and use frequency.


    Texas A&M University, Department of Teaching, Learning & Culture

    • INST 462 *writing intensive*- Second Language Acquisition & Development - Fall 2013- ONLINE Student Evaluation Score: 4.70/5
    • INST 322- Multicultural Education- Spring 2013-ONLINE Student Evaluation Score: 4.80/5
    • INST 322- Multicultural Education- Fall 2012- FACE-TO-FACE & HYBRID Student Evaluation Score: 4.80/5
    • INST 462-Second Language Development- Spring 2012-ONLINEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.75/5
    • INST 462- Second Language Development-Fall 2011- ONLINEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.70/5
    • INST 462- Second Language Development- Spring 2011-FACE-TO-FACE & HYBRIDo Student Evaluation Score: 4.50/5
    • INST 463- Second Language Assessment-Spring 2011- FACE-TO-FACEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.00/5
    • INST 462- Second Language Development- Fall 2010-ONLINEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.60/5 
    • INST 462- Second Language Development- Spring 2010- FACE-TO-FACEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.60/5
    • INST 322- Multicultural Education- Fall 2009- FACE-TO-FACE o Student Evaluation Score: 4.30/5
    • INST 462- Second Language Development- Fall 2009- FACE-TO-FACEo Student Evaluation Score: 4.30/5

    Yale University, Department of Near Eastern Studies

    • Elementary Modern Turkish
    • Intermediate Modern Turkish
    • Advanced Modern Turkish