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Dean Karin Ruhlandt's Message to the A&S Community

Nov 20, 2019 — Article by: Dean Ruhlandt

Dear College of Arts and Sciences students, faculty and staff,

As per this announcement, the Department of Public Safety issued this afternoon a statement concerning the investigation of hate speech targeted yesterday at one of our faculty members, Genevieve García de Müeller. I have offered my solidarity and support to her privately, and want to reaffirm my commitment to do everything in my capacity as dean to ensure the safety, health and well-being of all our faculty, students and staff.

I take such an attack, on one of our own, very seriously and very personally. It is a violation of both personal space and the freedom of the academy which we all have worked so hard to build in A&S and elsewhere. I am appalled, angry, and determined to continue protecting our core values of respect and inclusivity. I call on every one of you to join me in supporting Genevieve, and each other, in this incredibly difficult time.

In solidarity,

Karin Ruhlandt
Dean/Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
College of Arts and Sciences

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