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Learning Outside the Bubble

Junior dual major reflects on his experiences on campus, in Florence and New York City

May 5, 2017 — Article by: Liam Sullivan

Photo of Dante Moss

Dante Moss '18

Dante Moss, a junior policy studies and political science dual major, hasn’t always had the traditional Syracuse experience, spending two of his eight semesters away from campus and off the Hill.

Moss participated in the Discovery Florence program in his first semester of freshman year, studying abroad at Syracuse University’s Florence campus. Moss is spending the current semester in New York City as a teacher interning at the High School for Leadership and Public Service, while still taking Syracuse classes.

Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Moss has also been busy while on campus as a volunteer at Wilson Park, a brother of Phi Delta Theta and an employee at the Ernie Davis Dining Center. He was also previously involved with full Circle mentoring. Moss will be returning to campus next fall to complete his senior year and hopes to build on his existing experiences and memories.

Moss shares details from his Orange story below.

Why did you choose Syracuse for your college education?

I only applied to three universities, and SU was the best choice for me. I came to Syracuse University for its forensic science program but quickly changed my major. Luckily, I found the Maxwell School. I was fortunate to pick such a well-rounded university like Syracuse that I did not have to transfer somewhere else to find a major that I felt fit me.

What accomplishment are you most proud of over your time at Syracuse?

I am spending my spring semester junior year in New York City teaching high school seniors. Being able to connect with so many students and have what I hope is a positive influence on students is an experience that has changed me. Getting outside the bubble of Syracuse University is helpful in my growth process, and I was fortunate to have this experience.

What’s your favorite Syracuse memory or story?

My favorite memory would probably be spending my first semester of college abroad in Florence, Italy. Whenever I look through my old pictures, I remember how fun and easygoing my time there was. I have not seen scenery like that stateside, and home-cooked Italian meals were some of the best food I have ever had.

What about Syracuse’s academics, particularly in your home college, has helped you the most?

The amount of experience that I gained as a policy studies major is monumental. The head of the department, Professor Bill Coplin, gives students numerous professional and academic opportunities to prepare us for life after college.

What kind of internship experiences have you had?

I have interned at the High School for Leadership and Public Service in New York City. I have interned for a local political campaign in Brandon, Florida. And I have worked at Northwestern Mutual.

What do you want to do post-graduation?

 do not have any concrete plans for after graduation. I am still considering graduate school, but I am leaning more heavily toward entering the workforce. At the beginning of my junior year, I thought I would be looking for work in the corporate sphere, but now I find myself being drawn into the teaching sphere. To say the least, I am unsure of what I will be doing after graduation.

Anything else you'd like to add about your Orange story?

My internship this semester is at the High School for Leadership and Public Service in New York City. Professor William Coplin, the head of the public affairs department in Maxwell, serves as the curriculum consultant to the high school. As part of this ongoing relationship, the public affairs department sends up to eight students to teach the government course with the PAF 101 curriculum. I am co-teaching with two other interns, and we teach the government course required for all seniors to graduate. The purpose of sending students here is to give them an experience in teaching to determine if they want to go into education, and we learn about education reform and education policy. I am still enrolled in Syracuse University and take classes, so I would consider this experience studying abroad.

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