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Economics of Success

Double major, Andrea Fleming '17, says the College of Arts and Sciences has continuously inspired her

Feb 24, 2017 — Article by: Aishwarya Choudhury

Andrea Fleming

Andrea Fleming '17

The reputation of Syracuse University as well as the reputation of the economics department was the deciding factor for her, says Andrea Fleming.

She is a senior double majoring in economics and international relations with a concentration in European studies and international political economy. Originally, from southern California, she wants to pursue a career in finance and embrace her passion of learning more about business operations.

Fleming was a student at Riverside Community College before she transferred to Syracuse due to the prestige of the economics department.

Since being here, Fleming says her professors have made an impact, both professionally and personally. She says they have always been around for help, even at the shortest notice.

“I have connected with faculty who have taught me so much and challenged me to do my best,” she says. “I was lucky enough to take intermediate macroeconomics with Professor Jan Ondrich. His passion for explaining macroeconomics is something that made me more excited to be an economics student.”

Fleming, who enjoys hiking in Central New York and visiting downtown restaurants, says that she loves the school sprit at Syracuse and how active everyone is in school organizations. 

Fleming currently serves on the Economics Student Association Advisory Committee, which works to bring all of the resources that they can to economics students and to better prepare them for interviews and the real world after school.

“I really enjoy being in this position because I have met many other economics students who are passionate about the same things that I am,” she says. She is currently participating in the Bloomberg Trading Challenge with four other economics students.

She says that coming to SU has enhanced her ambitions and inspired her to be more goal driven. She is especially excited that she will have a strong community of Syracuse University alumni who are eager to help fellow alumni and students.

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