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A Note of Thanks

Students, staff, and faculty took time this week to jot down a few words about what it means to be a hero.

Nov 11, 2015 — Article by: Amy Manley

thank you card to veterans

Some of the thank you notes collected

Members of the Syracuse University Food Services staff stopped by the offices of the Institute for Military Veterans and Families this Wednesday afternoon with a special delivery. Over the past week, the campus community was invited to take note card and share their own personal message of gratitude for our military veterans and service members.

The collection originally started at the Campus West Starbucks location, but very quickly expanded to other cafes and student centers. The result was more than 250 thank-you notes, all hand delivered to the IMVF on Veterans Day; along with a few other caffeinated perks as an additional token of thanks. 

Sue Bracy, Assistant Director of Food Services, said the project was collaborative effort and turned out to be a powerful statement for both the writers and recipients. "We want to roll this forward and look for other things we can do to keep this going throughout the year, not just on Veterans Day." She said. 

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